Mitsubishi Diamond Premium Care™ Service Is EPA-Approved to Kill COVID-19

Mitsubishi Diamond Premium Care™ - Gossett Mitsubishi - Memphis, TN

Participating Mitsubishi dealerships have been using Diamond Premium Care™ to disinfect the interiors and HVAC systems of vehicles. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency approved this non-abrasive spray to kill COVID-19.

Exclusive Protection

Mitsubishi is the first and only automaker using this service across the U.S. The spray kills an incredible 99.9 percent of the bacteria and viruses in vehicles’ interiors and HVAC systems. It even gets rid of unwanted odors without using scented masking agents or abrasive chemicals like bleach that could potentially damage the cabin.

How It Works

To treat a vehicle’s interior, a service technician will spray Diamond Premium Care™ on interior services. For HVAC application, the technician will apply it through the outdoor air intake vent so that it permeates throughout the interior and HVAC system. The entire process takes roughly 10 minutes to complete for a standard-size vehicle.

By using the disinfecting spray to clean your car, participating Mitsubishi dealerships are able to provide more peace of mind during the pandemic. You can now make an appointment at your local dealer’s service department and feel more at ease doing so.

If you’d like to have the Diamond Premium Care™ service or you’re in need of vehicle maintenance at this time, don’t hesitate to call us at Gossett Mitsubishi in Memphis, Tennessee, and schedule an appointment.

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